While you don’t need a custom recovery on your LG Leon LTE to be able to install root-requiring apps, you do need one when you want to install a custom ROM on your device. Customizing every element on your device manually takes a lot of time and efforts, so you’re better getting a custom ROM and installing it on your device. It’ll change everything on your device at once. From the appearance of your device to the way your device works, it’ll all change once you’ve installed a custom ROM on your device.

So, here’s how you can go about installing a custom recovery on the LG Leon LTE:

LG Leon

Files You Need

1. Your device must be rooted before you can install a custom recovery on it. Please follow our how to root the LG Leon tutorial to root your device. Then come back here and do this tutorial.

2. You don’t need a computer to be able to do this tutorial. You can download the recovery app directly from the Google Play store on your device.

3. This only works on the LG Leon LTE (C50) model.

Installing a Custom Recovery on the LG Leon LTE

1. Head over to the Google Play store and download and install TWRP Manager on your device.

2. When the app is installed, open it from your app drawer.

3. There’s an option in the app that says Install TWRP. Tap on it and it will let you install TWRP on your device.

4. You should see a list of devices that are supported by TWRP. Tap on C50 as that is the device ID for your LG Leon LTE.

5. Tap on Install Recovery to install the recovery on your device.

6. The app will automatically download and install the recovery for you. You do not need to do anything.

7. When the recovery is downloaded and installed, reboot your device.

8. And you’re done!

That’s all to it.

TWRP recovery was successfully installed on your LG Leon LTE and you can reboot into the same using Quick Boot on your device.

If you’ve wanted to install a custom ROM on your device, now is the perfect time to do so! All you need to do is boot your LG Leon LTE into the custom recovery mode and upload the custom ROM zip file.