(Last Updated On: April 1, 2017)

We all love the new changes that they’ve done in the Windows 10. The lock screen interface and live tiles feel so good. It blurs the line between a  laptop and a mobile. But, at the same time, things seem out of place. You can’t view all your user accounts, neither do you see a guest account there. (Click here for the guide to solve this). Furthermore, the start menu is totally of the table (and replaced by the live tiles), you have no idea where and how to sign out from your user account. That can clearly be a problem if more people are using your laptop or you want your things and settings to be private. Fear not, we have the signing out solution for you.

Windows 10

How to sign out of Windows 10

  1. Unlock your Windows and you have a pretty and ‘live’ Start Screen. Here, on the top left you will see your name. Click it and a menu will roll down. From here, you can change the photo of your account, lock the device or sign out. Select the task you want to complete.
  2. In this case, select the third and last option ‘Sign Out’ to sign out from your current account and revert back to the lock screen.

Ending Note:

It really isn’t that really hard if you know where to find the sign out of Windows 10 feature. And I know that it really stresses most people out because they can’t access that simple function.