So you have heard about this tool called KingRoot that is the King of all rooting tools and that it roots just about every device in the world. That last part might be a bit of an exaggeration because it does not root close to every device just yet, but it does root a great many devices.

KingRoot is a universal one-click rooting tool that makes you the root user over the Android operating system. You might already know many one-click rooting tools available out there online already such as PurpleDrake, Wug’s Toolkit, WinDroid, Towelroot or Framaroot. There are also many others out there like Kingoroot, Root Genius, PingPong, and VRoot. One-click rooting tools have one aim: to make things easy and fast for the user (yourself). There are some downsides with a one-click rooting tool which in this case means it does not have anything to do with unlocking the bootloader and installing a custom recovery so if you wanted to root Android for installing custom ROMs this is not going to help you. What KingRoot will do is grant rooting access so you can install all of those apps that do not usually run without root access. That’s where you need to understand the difference between a one-click rooting tool and a more traditional way of rooting Android by using something like Chainfire’s SuperSU from a custom recovery. That is where people get confused.


If you are someone who wants to install custom ROMs, then you are often advised to root Android. However, rooting and installing custom ROMs are not directly related. They can be indirectly related because there are root apps such as the ROM Manager that need root access to run, and they can help you install custom ROMs. But the custom ROM itself does not need root access before it can be installed if you are installing a custom ROM the usual way which is loading it from a custom recovery image. That is one of the main reasons why people who plan on installing custom ROMs get root access from a custom recovery (because the custom recovery ends up being required anyhow).

Anyone who wants to learn more about KingRoot can check out our post on ten things you should know before rooting with KingRoot, and it goes into as much detail as we have on this rooting method. Otherwise, you can find the direct download link for the KingRoot one-click rooting tool below.

Download: KingRoot universal one-click rooting tool (official link posted to XDA-Developers from KingRoot developers.)