The Internet is mainly used to share information, files across the world. People share files either by Email or by uploading to File Sharing websites. Email allows file size up to 25MB, so you can’t share large files. We Transfer is a site where you can easily share large files up to 2GB with your friends, family, etc. It provides SSL (Secure Socket Layer) environment while sharing files, so no worry about the file theft. The interface given by the site is easy to use and simple and loads very fast.

To share files using WeTransfer, follow the steps given below:

How To Share Large Files On Internet With WeTransfer

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: There, you will see a box. Fill the fields with this information:

Add Files: Choose the files you want to share

Friends Email: Enter the email address you want to share the file to.

Your Email: Enter your email address

Message: Type your message (optional)
Step 3: Now hit the Transfer button to begin the file sharing.

After the process finishes, your friend will receive an email containing the download link. He has to open the email which has the download link, after that, click on that link. The link will take him to the download page of the file which you have uploaded. From there, he can easily download the file.

Do share your opinions about this file sharing service and share which file sharing service are you using.