Google Chrome is the superfast Web Browser from the Internet Giant Google. In a little time, it has gotten excellent response from the users worldwide. People compare it with the Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. The Google Chrome browser comes with many features preloaded and other features can be added by using Extensions. The useful feature I found in the Google Chrome is the Incognito Window. When you open an Incognito Window in the Chrome and surf sites, the sites won’t be listed in the history and downloads won’t be listed in the Downloads section. So you can surf securely. If you have multiple accounts on the same website, then you can open Incognito Window for the each account to log in at once on the site.

Features of Incognito Window in Google Chrome:

The cookies and all other traces placed by various sites are deleted when you close the Incognito Window.

You can login to the same website with multiple accounts at once.

Visited sites won’t appear in Search History as well as History.

Downloads remain in the folder but won’t be listed in the Downloads list.

These are the great features I found in Google Chrome Incognito Window.

What are your opinions about this feature of Google Chrome?